Fixing a Radon Problem

For most homes, the we follow three steps to reduce airborne radon:

1. Diagnostic evaluation
2. Sealing
3. Installation of the airborne radon reduction system.

The most commonly installed type of system uses active soil depressurization (ASD), formerly called sub-slab depressurization (SSD). Another method involves the installation of a heat recovery ventilator. We will design the right system for your home, depending on its design, the underlying soil, and other factors.

The airborne radon system works by changing air pressure beneath your home and then, through the use of a specially designed radon fan, drawing out the radon gas and safely venting it, through one or more pipes, above the roofline. Usually, an airborne radon system will be routed in the interior of the home, through the garage, or to the exterior.

 Frequently Asked Questions about Radon